Opinion: What are the most important functions in a smartphone?

Every time a user chooses a new device, one thing on his mind is to follow the rules. We have certain rules that we follow when choosing a phone. In each case, different features are evaluated. But what are the most important functions? I will try to answer this question. Price Undoubtedly in my case, the ratio of price […]

Sony is already testing the Android OS Pie on the smartphone Xperia XA2

Sony late last year updated several generations of its flagship smartphones ( 1 , 2 ) to Android Pie. Now in line budget device manufacturer. What is known In the Geekbench test database, we noticed the Xperia XA2 smartphone with the pre-installed new version of the Android 9 Pie operating system. This means that the company is already testing the firmware. Presumably, […]

Why do you need a 48 megapixel camera in your smartphone

Xiaomi Group co-founder Wang Chuan shared a photo taken with the Mi 9 camera in his account on Weibo: Just look at the incredible resolution of 48 megapixel camera Mi 9. p.s. Feel free to zoom in And here are 2 more photos that allow us to estimate the level of detail that the Mi […]

Is the audio jack on the smartphone not working? Here are 4 ways to fix it yourself

More and more smartphone manufacturers are beginning to abandon the 3.5-mm headphone jack for the sake of Bluetooth technology. Without a doubt, in recent years, wireless “ears” have grown quite a bit in quality and have fallen in price. We even told you about the most interesting specimens. However, not every user is ready to abandon your favorite wired headphones. In this case, […]

Qualcomm Introduces the Second Generation X55-5G Modem

Yes, you read well. While we are still waiting for the first 5G smartphones to show up on the battlefield, Qualcomm has already introduced the second generation 5G modem – X55. Namely, the first model that otherwise bears the X50 mark, in specific devices should appear just before the summer, unless our manufacturers in a […]

Vivo revealed technical details about its smartphone under the brand iQOO

The Chinese company Vivo also decided to enter the smartphone market with its sub-brand, to which it gave the name iQOO. She still does not open the veil over the secret of the appearance of her future iQOO, but Vivo told about some key technical characteristics of the new smartphone: As you can see, the upcoming […]